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Introducing the Physmed office staff…
Physmed’s office staff has a variety of tasks they perform daily. Physmed’s Intake Nurse, Maria, processes all referrals and new orders Physmed receives. She gathers specific information regarding our patients and informs the appropriate staff. Once a referral has been processed and communicated to staff, Ashley, Physmed’s Scheduler will reach out to the Clinicians to verify when staff will be seeing their patients and inputs that information into our EMR system. Physmed also has Medical Coders and OASIS reviewers, Chandis and Dianne. They not only work closely with Physmed Clinicians, but also Physicians to ensure we are receiving accurate documentation, and high-quality care. During a Patient’s certification period their charts are audited in full by our Auditor, Cassie. She ensures all documentation is complete and follows Medicare Guidelines, and that the care for our patients are being held to the highest standards. Jessica is Physmed’s Administrative Assistant. She is key to communication between Physmed, our communities, and Physicians. Our Quality Assurance Specialist Christy is the newest member to our office staff team. Christy makes sure that we are compliant with Medicare Guidelines. Physmed also has a QAPI Program. Our QAPI Coordinator, Christine, gathers data to not only identify quality problems, but to also identify other opportunities for improvement and then setting priorities for action.